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Colleges, Majors, and the Admission Process

Information on all types of colleges and degrees, as well as resources on how to meet the common challenges, can be found below.

Be especially sure to take a look at the provided Starter Questions — higher education of any sort can be a big step (and college tuition costs are higher than ever), so these questions can help you assess whether your college plan will hold up to reality.

Types of Degrees

Learn about the options you have for higher education

Starter Questions

Decide with confidence whether college is right for you

Finding Schools

Resources to help you look into 2-year, 4-year, and vocational colleges

Campus Visits

Get the most out of your time on campus

Applying to College

 Finding a good-fit school

Financial Aid

What's available and what to expect

Majors and Minors

Set yourself up for success

After College: Planning Ahead

Create an early game plan for transitioning out of school

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